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Question: My husband is posing as a single.

Dear Lounge Advice,
My husband and I have been in the lifestyle on and off for about eight years.We "only play together" or its supposed to be this way. Yet I occasionally find his profile as a single male on other websites, then sometimes on swinging sites I find mail he has sent out mail stating that he is alone working out of town and would like to hook up for some fun. Fortunately for me its not so easy for a male to hook up with a stranger. LOL..Still when asked about it he says things like he was just seeing if I was paying attention. Thing is , I am a monogamous person by nature and it took him four years of slowly bringing me around to this lifestyle. Most of our encounters have been mfm he says its better that way because less drama to worry about. when it has been fmf he always goes all out to make me feel most important. I dont know what i want to ask there are so many of them ..Here is a good one.. How can i find what other emails he has??...LOL just kidding on that one. what i want the advice on is this..Do i continue on with this or should i cut us off with the lifestyle till he can remember how "we" agreed we would be in the lifestyle."together" or not at all. Thank You...



Dear (Anonymous),

Cut it off. Now. With all due respect his excuse is about as lame as it gets. The lifestyle does NOT work with couples if you don't have trust, follow your set rules, and communicate. From the sounds of it most of that criteria is missing from your lifestyle experience right now which is a fast road to a divorce.

Confront your husband, cut it off, and most importantly don't take no or further excuses for an answer.
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