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Question: Non Ken/Barbie types looking to meets others

Dear Lounge Advice,

I know this has been addressed before, but I can't help but ask again. Living in the Chicago-land area I have noticed that the majority of people on the site from this area would fit the "Barbie & Ken" stereotype. My husband and I don't. We both have some extra weight (nothing drastic, but enough to be noticed), which we are trying to lose, but I feel we are both good looking people with personalities to match. I have read forum topics similar to this question and am disheartened by the numerous "Looks like someone isn't getting any" replies. When I have sent email to veterans claiming to want to help newbies, I get no reply. My question is, do you have any advice for those of us who are not "fit body types" within the Chicago land area? We have been to Couple's Playhouse parties and have had luck and made friends there. We would just like to know how to meet more couples from this site to broaden our experiences.



Dear (Anonymous),

Well, first piece of advice- Don't take the forum too seriously. There are too many mean-spirited replies that are born from a nasty case of "Keyboard Balls".
Do what already works for you. Meet people out at the clubs.
As for the site, just ignore the profiles that don't match you, and set your sights on the profiles that DO match you. In order to meet people from any site, expect to do most of the work. People sometimes tend to think that if they sit back and wait, others will come to them. If you get enough people with that mentality, nothing happens. Be active and engaging. Consider the option of doing some traveling as well if you'd like to pan out.
The main thing is: Don't focus on your self-perceived physical discrepencies. Just be secure with who you are and keep your focus on finding similar people, and plan on doing most of the 'footwork' with the online communication.
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