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Question: Ignored rule

Dear Lounge Advice,

I am stuck...a couple we were seeing acted inappropriately and without going into details, we/I broke off contact with them. At first, my wife agreed that they crossed the line and broke contact too. However, she and the other Mrs. started texting and "MADE UP"!?! Since that point, my wife has disengaged from me in most every way a wife could. She thinks I am being think-headed and stubborn...

So, what I did agree to was to be friends with them ONLY...vanilla all the way. We/I found that was impossible because the few times we have gone to dinner with them all they talk about is old-times and how they wish we would change our minds. One of the rules we have always had was my wife or myself could end the relationship with another couple without any hard feelings. Well, she broke this real quick.

I don't know what to do...make my wife happy and go back to playing with them or stick to my guns and hope that she eventually comes around? I am kinda bummed that she would ignore a rule we agreed to,...what other rules does she discount and ignore?

Anyway, your advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



Dear (Anonymous),

Stick to your guns. She's probably just trying to please and not look bad to them, but if you are going to abide by the rules/bondaries to which you agreed as a couple, you need to stick to them, even if it is uncomfortable at times. There are plenty of proverbial fish in the sea, and this couple shouldn't eclipse that.

Bottom Line: Nobody should be ignoring rules. If the rule is a problem, it should be revisited, reworked, agreed upon, then applied universally.
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