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Question: Newly single female to the scence

Dear Lounge Advice,
My lover and I recently, as in 2 weeks ago, joined as members at my request. Wow, was he thrilled! He couldn't get off the computer, and we arranged a couple of meets right away.
Last week we had a meet, dinner and drinks, and took it to the next level after that. What an AMAZING evening...for me. The very next day he breaks off our relationship saying he just can't deal with the pressure of performance, and he's found someone else, blah, blah, blah.
Okay. Well I loved it, and so I'm going alone. A little scary since I'm BRAND NEW. Should I find couples to tag along with, or head out as a single? I hate to be a burden to a couple to drag along, but it'd be so much nicer walking into a club, laughing with friends, than wide-eyed terrified (really, not the most attractive look, lol).
What do you suggest.



Dear (Anonymous),

First of all, good riddance to the guy. He obviously didn't know of what a good thing he had in you, and your instant attraction to the lifestyle.

What. A. Moron.

Soooo, now you have a HUGE advantage. You are the coveted single woman, and you have an enormous upperhand. I would recommend that you do what feels the most natural/comfortable to you. If you go it alone, prepare to be swamped with interest, since single females are very much sought after. By going it alone, you need to have good judgement and presence of mind.
If you choose to find a couple, TRUST ME when I say that you would NOT be a burden to a lifestyle couple. They would be thrilled to escort a single female. Just remember though, that many couples are seeking the FFM experience. If you choose a couple, find out their expectations up front. If they want the FFM experience, you need to decide if you're open to that. If you're not sure, let them know ahead of time so they don't expect something that may not happen. Of course, your decisions are always to be respected, not matter what the situation is. However, just be aware of their wants and make your desires known as well so that nobody sends the wrong message.
There are plenty of couples (like myself and my hubby) that are more than happy escorting a single woman to a club without a single expectation. Seek those types out if you don't want to feel any type of 'obligation'.

Again, it's all according to your comfort level. Follow your gut on this and communication your needs, and you should be just fine ;)
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