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Question: Damage Control

Dear Lounge Advice,
we met a couple and they wanted my boyfriend to take out his girlfriend for a date night and so he did...and they had an okay time....it was my boyfriends first time doing that and he really didnt like it to much...few things happen throughtout the date that really didnt turn him on...but now whats happened is we have found out that they are bad mouthing us and we dont really know what to do..what do you suggest....we are really new in this and they were actually our first couple we met and it has just left a terrible taste in our mouth..



Dear (Anonymous),

Most likely, they weren't satisfied with the lack of action they got, thus the badmouthing

What would I do?? Well, ignore it.

IF the issue arises via another couple's word, do this:

Exaggerate the humor. For example, if the 'rumor' has it that you two are completely prude, then retort "Yeah, we put on chastity belts before we went out to meet, and the metal put a bad taste in their mouths".

Make it into a good laught and brush it off.

Good humor and nonchalance go a long way in proclaiming your innocence in dramatic situations that can damage.
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