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Question: Follow up e-mail etiquette

Dear Lounge Advice,

I would like to know the protocol - if any - for follow-up/second email responses. As a solo play husband, I assume that equates play as a single male (at least as far as the couple I'm emailing knows I do not bring a female counterpart) although I certainly understand some couples will be scared off and not want to play with a potential "cheating husband". Therefore, I only contact those couples to state they play with single males, and those with profiles that are quite thorough. I really try to gauge how open-minded a couple is, how stimulating the intial meeting might be, and determine bascially if their profile personality would be complimented by my presence.

While travelling, I contacted a few couples, spent quite a bit of time creating a targeted email relating to issues mentioned in their profiles (i.e. not a simple Let's Meet and Fuck email), and mentioned meeting for drinks. And these contacts were to couples that explicitly stated for interested parties to email them...

The first question I ask is should a no-reply to an intial "cold-call" email mean NO-INTEREST 100% of the time? Or is it ever appropriate to send a follow-up short email? I repect that couples rule the roost, and their time and interest is essentially of the upmost importance; however, would a second shorter email ever be appropriate, or would it be a nuisance? Does it depend on the couple, etc?

The second, unrelated question, is if any long-standing member/couple provides a TLC-type "PROFILE MAKEOVER" service. That might prove a useful service...




Dear (Anonymous),

I do Profile Makeovers. I have been volunteering this for many years, so if anyone would like to use me, feel free to ask.
As for a non-response to your e-mails, it isn't entirely terrible to follow up with a very succinct, polite e-mail after a few days of non-response. Perhaps you can approach it this way "Hi, I just wated to make sure you received my initial e-mail. I would still love to meet/chat if you are interested. If not, I wish you the best of luck in the lifestyle. Cheers!"
Anything beyond that would be considered as crossing the line. Consider a non-response after a follow-up as a non-interested party.

ARE you a cheating husband? I couldn't quite ascertain that from your letter, but if you are, prepare for a LOT of cold shoulders from couples. If you are playing with your wife's consent, make it VERY clear to avoid the fallout.
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