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Question: Excessive texting between hubby and swing partner

Dear Lounge Advice,
My husband and I recently found a very attractive couple that we both clicked with. We met up and all the stars alligned. Since we played, her husband has been out of town. My husband and the other Mrs. have been texting and IM ing almost every day. Not that I dont trust my husband (because I completely do), but I am here for strictly sexy weekends and sex! I am not looking to bring a couple into our everyday life or for a 1 sided communication between the 2 of them. I explained to my husband that if they BOTH want to get together for chat sessions or cam fun, that would be fun, but I am not looking into creating flirting or texting without both parties involved. After all, we are in this to add spice to our relationship, not to created one on one relationships. What are you thoughts on this situation?



Dear (Anonymous),

I think you're absolutely in the right, and more open than most would be in this situation. I'm very comfortable with many things in the lifestyle, but I would not be terribly confortable with this occuring. Just share the sentiments you shared with me (as many times as it needs to done). Hell, you are even giving him a great alternative for the texting- camming, chat. That's pretty cool of you, and should be more than easy for him to accept. If you need to gently remind him of how cool it is that you're offering this, then go ahead. What a great compromise!

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