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Question: Staying discreet as professionals in the LS

Dear Lounge Advice,
My wife and I visited a swinger's club last year to investigate the "lifestyle", and we were both surprised at the outcome. My wife went from prude to slow dancing with a guy, with just high heels on, kissing him passionately. She is also asking about going to Hedo next year. Now that it's been almost a year, she is still interested but wants me to arrange something safe & discreet. The ideal situation for us would be to take this adventure to the other's home. My question is "how do we ensure our first adventure is not being secretly video taped?" We have children & professions and do not need to see our first experience on youtube.



Dear (Anonymous),

I have been in this lifestyle for nearly 15 years, and have never heard of anyone being secretly video-taped.
I suppose the best way to assuage your fears is to choose the playroom yourselves instead of allowing the host couple to choose.
By all means though, do NOT mention this concern to anyone. Why? Most people wouldn't think of this scenario to 'get' someone else in the lifestyle. But, planting the idea into someone's head just may be the impetus to get a less-than honest couple to use this as blackmail.
Almost ALL of us here have children and/or sensitive professions. Since most of us are in the same boat and seek discretion, you're fairly safe in knowing that you are not alone in your concerns.
Hell, I have been pretty prominent in the lifestyle in the past, am a former porn actress, AND I have one of the VERY few professions (for 10 years now) that would kick my out on my ass if any of this came to the surface. I haven't taken any extensive measures to keep it all under wraps, besides good 'ol common sense. And you know what? I'm still doing well handling both "lives", as are most people I know.

In short, ease up just a little and use your good sense.
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