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Question: Not into you, but how do I tell you?

Dear Lounge Advice,

We are newbies. My woman and I are sure we will eventually wind up in a situation when one of us is uncomfortably on the brink of "taking one for the team". How can we "eject" without hurting one or both of the people composing the other couple?

Those polite "you are nice but..." type comments sound to us like they would sting just as much as "get lost!", or "hit the road!".

We are not good liars. But when we hurt others it bothers us all day We really aren't sure how we are going to handle it. Any ideas?



Dear (Anonymous),

Then don't tell them anything that might be about them.

Just back away.........verrrrry slowly.

Seriously. You're tired. You have an early morning. You are just there to enjoy the sights. You're new and not ready to proceed further. You need to go get a drink at the bar. One of you had too much to drink and doesn't feel well. The babysitter called with an emergency.
Or, if you feel that they are the type to handle a dose of the truth, just go man to man (or woman to woman) and discreetly say that your partner isn't feeling mutual attraction. Truth is best told in this LS within the same sex.

White lies are okay in this lifestyle to avoid hurting feelings. As long as you don't say or do anything that would lead someone on unnecessarily, utilize the 'polite out' by giving a believable excuse while sparing their dignity.
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