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Question: Not paying enough attention to my wife

Dear Lounge Advice,
My wife and I hosted a small house party with three other couples this weekend. We had a great time, and had previously met with 2 of the 3 other couples (and played with 1 of these couples) before this event. Unfortunately I (male) enjoyed a little too much alcohol along with the female from the couple we had previously played with. Turns out, I began paying way too much attention to this other female and not properly giving my wife attention she deserves. My wife felt left out (she did play with the other guys at the party, but not to the same extent) and she was hurt that I didn't not give her the proper attention. I feel terrible, and the two of us have discussed the issue and I have promised her I will not indulge in alcohol or only very little during further lifestyle events/get togethers. She is still ok with the lifestyle (thankfully) but feels like the progress we had made previously is not ruined some as she has put her guard up. We both think with time that things will come back around and her comfort level will increase, but I still feel bad. We are pretty new to the LS and I thought I would ask you for some advice. Thank you in advance.



Dear (Anonymous),

Well, there isn't too much more advice to give her. You have some great things going for you right now.

You fessed up that you messed up.
You talked about it together.
You made a plan to avoid this from happening again in the future.

The only thing left to do is to stick to that promise and go out of your way to make sure your wife feels wanted.

If you can keep true to your promise, you don't need any more advice ;)
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