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Question: Not comfortable with playing with an escort, yet he presses

Dear Lounge Advice,

What do you do when...
How do you handle it when you know that half of a "couple" is a full service escort and you don't want to play with them because of this but your partner does and it is causing fights between the two of you?



Dear (Anonymous),

Then you don't play with them, period. If your partner wants to have the 'escort' fantasy, he get over it. If he persists in pursuing it, despite your views, he cares more about his cock than you. Is this REALLY what you want to committ yourself to?
Priorities can become pretty apparent in these curcumstances, and you aren't the priority honey. I'm sorry to be blunt, but open your damn eyes and value yourself more than he values YOU. So, whatcha gonna do about it?
Stay if you will, but if it keeps happening, you're at fault for laying down and allowing him to walk all over you.
Hard decision to make, yes. But it's a decision, and hence a choice. Your choices will define you. Define yourself eloquently and not with slang.
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