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Question: Drama Alert! Tuck in yer balls people!

Dear Lounge Advice,We made a date to meet a couple. They wanted to host and encouraged to invite another couple to join us all at their home.
Once the first couple found out who we had decided to bring they became very weird and told us stories of their personal experiences with the other couple including accusations of drug use. They had us not interested in going over to their home by this point as this is drama and not fun times...
The couple we did meet with and intended to bring to their home did tell us that they were "not their pictures, but we should all just go over and see for ourselves." We messed up in not canceling properly at this point and did not keep the date.
Throughout the rest of the evening and late into the night and following day they called numerous times leaving ugly drama ridden messages and texts and emailed us as well. They are now threatening to spread the word on this site that I am a liar and have no morals am a scummbag and so on...Drama...
I think it best to just ignore them but if it persists I am not sure what action I can take.
We'd love some advice on the best approach.
Paris and Rebecca



Dear (Anonymous),

Ignore that crap, period.

If it persists, especially via emial here on the lounge, we consider that a threat of slander. Therefore, you can report it to us and we will take action if there is written evidence that indicates such.

NO tolerance for drama, period.
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