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Question: Size and standards

Dear Lounge Advice,

Alright, I've a few topics.

First, this whole penis size thing. I don't get it. So I decided to try to measure mine, and the fact is, it changes. I also couldn't figure out the best way to measure, so I went conservative. But it was difficult to get the darn measuring tape to cooperate.

Ultimately, I ended up grabbing the base with one fist and then stacking the other fist on top and noticed I had what looked like a little over a half inch to spare. Then I measured my fists. They are about 4 inches each.

Is this a fair estimate? Because I certainly don't feel like I have an 8.5 inch cock. It always looks a bit smaller to me. I've never had complaints, but I was with only one woman most of my life, so I dunno.

Second, I married young and was recently divorced. When I got married I was generally considered very attractive. Of course, I aged. The problem is, my ex was and still is, absolutely stunning. So, my standards are high. I've no idea whether they are unreasonable,and if so, how to lower them. Confidence issues abound in divorce scenarios, so this is difficult to assess.

Third, I'm really anxious about the MFM thing. I need to get over it. Suggestions?



Dear (Anonymous),

You cock is fine. Trust me. No need to focus on that factor. It is what it is.

As for your approach to women, well, to put it bluntly- You are a single male and your kind of very plentiful. It is a tough game to participate in the lifestyle as a single male. You need to stand out to get noticed. Read up on past advice questions for some specific advice I have given to males in your situation.

Oh, and as for standards, hotness doesn't always equate to 'fun'. Branch out a bit and you might find out that someone who may not have necessarily caught your eye previously may rock your world.

Don't consider it 'lowering standards'. Considers it as broadening your horizons. After all, if you increase the sample size, your positive probability with increase accordingly.
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