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Question: Nudity and children

Dear Lounge Advice,

Me and Mrs have a 2 year old daughter. Mr. and our daughter's preference is nekked as much as possible: In the house, in the backyard, in the pool it's clothing optional when we're alone. Mrs. is almost always covered and would prefer us to be clothed as well. Is her discomfort with nudity a body issue problem? How do we balance this issue? At some point I expect it will be inappropriate for me to be nekked around the munchkin. Any idea what age that would be?



Dear (Anonymous),

I am guessing that it's not so much an issue of bodily persuasions as much as an issue of appropriateness.
You are a grown man and she is a little girl. Granted, she is quite young, but in a couple of years, this preference for 'clothing optional' may have to be re-examined.

Just think- When that little girl starts school, she WILL be telling classmates AND teacher about daddy's parts, and perhaps that you both like to be naked.

Do you REALLY want that kind of scrutiny? I work with children for a living, and they have no filters on their mouths, especially in the elementary years.

Please consider your significant other's requests, especially when looking into the longterm repercussions.
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