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Question: Firefighter worried about discovery in the lifestyle

Dear Lounge Advice, I am a firefighter and none of my pics identify me as such. I have also taken the time to blur all face shots of myself. have you ever heard of anyone being punished for simply being on this site if they are unidentifiable? I am sure that there are professionals from all walks of life enjoying the use of this site and I was just wondering if there are any rules to navigating through it or am I handling myself appropriately.

Thank you,



Dear (Anonymous),

I am an elementary school teacher. I understand your concern.
You have taken good action by blurring out your face. No, I have never heard of an obscured picture being recognized, but that doesn't mean that it's not possible. Improbable, but not impossible.

To make it more comfortable, don't tell people what you do. The less information shared equates to a lower risk.

You cannot be punished by an employer if they cannot prove that it's you. I would bet my next paycheck that a lawyer would relay this to you as well.

You shouldn't have to worry needless about this. You have taken a wise step, and if the small probability of being "uncovered" comes to fruition, you have legal ground to battle it, especially if you were never required to sign a morality clause (like some teachers have to).
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