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Question: Jealous!

Dear Lounge Advice,
Im a LL single girl an met my LL single guy a month ago on vacation and we hit it off so great we have not been appart since.....but we both contiue to act like singles (well he does) goes out with a new girl every night, but does usually bring back home for all of us to play. is it normal to start to get jealous, i dont want to be jealous! Its been the most exciting month ever! how do u get over the jealousy?



Dear (Anonymous),

You don't want to be jealous, but you're jealous because you're starting to care about this man ::) It's pretty normal- both in and out of the lifestyle.
There isn't a set formula for ditching the jealousy. But, one approach you may want to try is being honest with him about your feelings. Don't hold the jealousy in because the green beast will grow and consume you. Then you may inadvertantly take it out on him.
If he's open to it, perhaps you two can talk about the change in feelings and discuss where that could take you from here on out.
If you both agree to keeping the arrangement the same, then you are going to have to manage your jealousy, or consider stepping back from your interactions with him until you feel that you'll be okay knowing that he is dating.
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