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Question: Single woman unsure of how to proceed safely

Dear Lounge Advice,

Help, this will be my first time ever being with a couple or just meeting someone through a site.... I am not shy and I am pretty street smart..... could u please give me some tips where to meet ... I know in a public place of course... How do I know the people are not crazies????? It's just a women thing I guess... I see and hear all these crazy things that happen and I just need to be aware what to look for..... thanks :)

Christina :)



Dear (Anonymous),

You are VERY right to be protective of yourself. Take your own vehicle. Do NOT take an offer to carpool anywhere, or you are stuck with them, like it or not.
You can never tell if someone is legit or not. Therefore, make sure you communicate extensively online first, then agree on a casual meetings place and NOT a swing club on the first 'date'. Tell them that you are only meeting to 'meet', and nothing else should be implied. It's perfectly okay to tell people that you may not be ready for anything past a meeting the first time or for even the first few times.
People can either respect this, or get lost.
The best thing I can tell you as a single female is to trust your gut! If you get any type of gut feeling that things aren't quite sitting well with you, do NOT sweep that aside.
You safety comes first, and it's okay to be overprotective of yourself.
Be your own biggest advocate and set the pace yourself- Don't let others dictate it.
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