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Question: Dealing with unbalanced communication

Dear Lounge Advice,
We met this couple about 2 months ago clicked and have played with this couple a few times. They are a great couple and we really like them. The problem comes with the communication. The male half of the couple always texts my mrs never me. As a matter of fact when I have text him he has always responded very rudely. Also when there is a email its always directed to my mrs or if it is directed to me it's telling me to have the mrs check her phone. The mrs and I like to build a long term friendship with our play partners. The male half seems to only want to befriend my mrs. How do we deal with this?



Dear (Anonymous),

I'd recommend that you talk with his wife and start a friendly conversation about this. Ask if that's normal etiquette for them and tell her your feelings on it.
Perhaps she can knock some common sense into her husband for being a dumbass about his dealing with you both.
If she's not going to help much with this, the next route is to have your wife tell the guy that you both appreciate mutual communication among ALL partners if such a thing is going to take place.

Either way, someone is going to have to speak up to the other party. I'm trying to avoid you having to confront the guy, since some guys tend to get "Puffertoad" syndrome when another dude tries to correct them.
So, involve one of the ladies in the arbitration before going "mano y mano".
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