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Question: How do I handle excessive alcohol use?

Dear Lounge Advice,

Because I am new, I have been reading the advice articles on various subjects and have found many people ending up in bad situations with their partners because of too much alcohol during a swap encounter.

I don't drink and will not want to play with others who appear intoxicated. One, maybe two drinks is okay, (as long as behavior and personality has not changed) but more than that and I will lose interest. I hope the LS has plenty of room and options for people like me, who want to be with others who keep their encounters sober, otherwise I am afraid I won't have very much fun.

Any suggestions on how to handle the alcohol issue?




Dear (Anonymous),

Stick to your guns and tell people how you feel about this.

Yes, you may come across as "picky", but this is YOUR preference.

People with either respect this or they won't. Either way, you weed out the unwanted ones.
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