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Question: Not a couple, but venturing into the LS together

Dear Lounge Advice,
We are trying this new lifestyle together as a couple, but we are not really a couple!! We are great friends with amazing sexual benefits & are looking to full fill some fantasies.
So my question to you is this, I love the dynamic of our "relationship" is this new lifestyle going to change things for us??? I really want to do this, but am really worried about things changing for the worst....
Any advice would be great



Dear (Anonymous),

The lifestyle depends on how strong the foundation of the relationship is, no matter what kind of partnership you have.
Things to consider:
Jealousy- This is a HUGE factor between two people that can have an effect on the outcome of delving into the lifestyle. The more jealousy that exists, the more precarious your venture will be. If partners can keep the big green monster away, it works out much better for everyone involved. If there is even the smallest hint of jealousy, it needs to be discussed in order to put minds at ease.

Communication- You may not be an official couple, but you both need to talk about this as you experience things. Talk about boundaries, explore potential situations and how you will handle them, and discuss expectations.
After something happens, discuss it. Keep the communication flowing, as this will be a huge factor in your success.
Feelings- If seeing your partner brings about the longing for taking the relationship further, don't keep those feelings hidden. Talk, talk, talk!
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