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Question: He invited another woman on our couples date

Dear Lounge Advice,

This man I have played with alone and with couples for about a year had a date to go to a "Lifestlye Club" where we were meeting another couple on Saturday.

When he confirmed on a Thursday, he said "Oh and this girl might meet us there, she wants to meet you and maybe have some FMF fun. I was taken by surprise and my response was, "You invited another single girl on our couples date with another couple with even running it by me?"

"His response was she wants to be with you first, it's not about me" and then I asked for her username so I could check her out and he would not give it to me. I said why don't you just go with her because if you won't even let me check her out, how could you invite her?

Anyway, I found her profile and she clearly states she is not 100% into women except from the waist up, she likes her men. Does this sound like a load a woman that wanted some FMF?

He had the nerve to tell me I was paranoid and jealous! My response was that I wasn't those but in fact a little hurt and a lot pissed off.

I broke that date and told him I felt he was
1. disrespectful for not running it by me first and 2. shady for refusing to give me her information. I told him my friends don't treat me like that, so you are obviously not a true friend and goodbye. What is your opinion?



Dear (Anonymous),

Sweetheart- you handled this perfectly.

Perhaps for an extra twist you can buy him a dictionary with the pages bookmarked that define "courtesy" and "etiquette".

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