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Question: Single looking to meet others

Dear Lounge Advice,

What is the best way for a recently single guy in his late-30's to find couples and single ladies who are interested in FWB and one-off hotness?

I've tried using the site's "Search" function to little or no avail...




Dear (Anonymous),

The best way to get yourself noticed is by having a well-rounded profile. Start by fleshing out the text. Tell about yourself, your hobbies, your likes/dislikes, and any other info you want to share. Don't focus on sex. Photos are important. Be sure to include accurate, recent shots or yourself. A sure fail for a single male comes with a profile full of cock shots. Now, as for interaction, there are a few key tips.
#1 Read the member's profile first. If it says "No Single Males" and you contact without reading, you'll look foolish. Also, when contacting someone, you make mention of something that was in their profile. Why? It shows that you actually took the time to read their profile first.
#2 be polite. It's one thing to tell a woman she's beautiful and quite another to say she has a fine ass or something crass. Being a gentleman is key.
#3 If it's a couple, address them BOTH. That shows respect.
#4 Make it more than a one-liner. Put some substance and thought into your introductions. I myself don't bother with one-liners. If someone doesn't want to put in the effort into a little email, chances are we won't get along.
#5 No response may just mean no interest. If you don't get a reply, leave it alone.
This is a good starting platform. Employ these tips and you'll get noticed much better than the average single male.
as for the Search Function, you just just comb profiles in your local area and start reading them.
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