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Question: Communicating

Dear Lounge Advice,

We were new to the LS. We met this couple at a resort. They are really nice people. We played with them in a soft swap situation twice.the second visit SEEMED to be great. We live over 500 miles apart. I admit....the texting was excessive. We had become close friends....texting the other spouses daily over a 4 month period. But after the second meeting...... The male texts me(the other female)10 min. after leaving, missin u already..... Within 24 hours the texting slowed down and the tone changed considerably.
We were recently in their area and decided not to be a bother and not tell them.......but at the last minute my husband told the male .... His response was why didn't you tell us....we could have shown u around?????
We are going to probably run into them in a club situation as we have already met other couples.....should we tell them we will be around? Or should we not???? We really like these people and want a friendship even if it isn't an LS friendship!



Dear (Anonymous),

I'd say that in order not to hurt feelings, let them know when you're in town. That way they don't feel like you're avoiding them. That would send the wrong message. Of course, you'll want time to yourselves to meet others, so just tell them that you have plans. If you happen to run into them at a club, so be it. They need to realize that they can't capitalize on your time.
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