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Question: She isn't confident about her body anymore

Dear Lounge Advice,

I enjoy it when my wife has sex with other men whether I watch, particpate and when she is out with the guy on her own. We used to have a lot of fun with this as well as with other couples.

However, as we've gotten older, my wife has become somewhat self conscious of her body, even though she is not over weight ( 5 ft - 115 lbs ). She knows she has great tits, but at mid 50s, she is self conscious that she no longer has a hard body. This is especially a problem for her when we are around younger people who may want to play.

How can I get her comfortable again with having sex with men and or couples with younger bodies?




Dear (Anonymous),

First, keep reassuring her that she is still sexy. Hearing it from you on a consistent basis can help. Next, rationalize with her on this- if someone wants to play with her, especially younger couples, then it obviously means that they're attracted to her. They WANT her, and therefore must be just fine with the way she is. If they didn't like her body, they wouldn't be interested.
By reiterating these two key things, you should be able to make a dent in this issue.
If she is still self-conscious though, ask her what SHE wants to do about this self-perceived issue.
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