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Question: My wife is overly picky, do you think this means she doesn't want to participate in the lifestyle?

Dear Lounge Advice,
hi there, i bet you two get alot of ? so here go's. we have talked about this and than we
signed up here. we have met about 6 couples. it seems that joanne is alot or more so than i, reluctent to go forward. her words are like hes was a dog, different, or the normal stuff. like i said that we have talked alot about this and she knows i really want to do this and for sure not hurt anyone. is this the normal with girls? she really wants this to work, but i think she very picky. is that a normal thing with girls? or do you think she really does not want to do this? i just dont think thats the case. she always says to the other couples....i didnt say i would and i didnt say i wouldnt. new to this and trying...going very slow and always talk about
this aaafter we meet other couples. let us know your answer....eather way we need your advice.
thanks so much for your time..roger/joanne



Dear (Anonymous),

Is it normal for women to be more picky than men? Yes very much so.. we are reminded of an old saying: "Women need a reason... men only need a place."

She obviously is taking her time and assuring that she has some attraction or chemistry with someone before she feels comfortable doing anything physical. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and you should support her until such time that she gives you the green light.

The benefits in the longrun will be great for you.. and if you push the issue before she find it... you risk the whole house of cards falling right onto your lap.

She will let you know when she is ready. Chill out.
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