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Question: She's backing away from the LS

Dear Lounge Advice, I'm seeking knowledge in comprehending my GF's roller coaster attitude concerning LS environment. She is somewhat new to LS and we've had several encounters of sexual enjoyment with other partners. I have tried to ensure that when all is over our love is all there is and all else is for our pleasures only. She enjoys the sex and attention I suppose a kind of rush. I've noticed lately though she's asserting more of a vanilla side or denial towards LS. Is this common for virgin LS'ers? It's like she's shutdown. I can live with or without LS, I just enjoy the social atmosphere and would hope she continues to as well. People say take is slow, any slower and I grow old fast. She also refuses to dress sexy as if she's better then all the women in LS. What is your recommendation to this scenero. Thanks



Dear (Anonymous),

My recommendation is that you two need to soy down and talk about this, if you haven't already. Perhaps she's having a change of heart about this, which happens sometimes. Tell her what you told me, that it's not necessary, but that the atmosphere is enjoyable.
This is just going to take extensive communication to sort out.
That is the best recommendation I can give you for this situation.
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