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Question: he said he'd help with the hotel cost, but didn't

Dear Lounge Advice,

What is the etiquette for splitting costs of a room at a hotel, particularly when a couple meets with a single male? We made an agreement up front to split the cost of a room and I made sure to find out what the person was comfortable paying before making reservations (which was slightly uncomfortable asking in itself). When the night came, the guy never forked up the cash He bought us a cocktail at the bar (and they werenít cheap), but that was it. I thought perhaps it was an oversight and he just forgot however itís been a couple of days now and he has conveniently not mentioned it, so I figure he has zero intention of paying. We did find the hotel room convenient because of a function we were attending the next day and did stay overnight. Perhaps he figured that because of this, he should not have to payÖThe shame is that Iíd like to enjoy this guy again, but Iím not willing to be taken advantage of in this way again. I suppose that if we chose to meet with him again, I could mention that we paid for the hotel the last time so he could pay for it this time. Iím not sure how to avoid this in the future without looking cheap and demanding the money right away, and I am unsure of the etiquette for incurred costs in this lifestyle.

Could you educate me? :)



Dear (Anonymous),

Here's a win win for you both without making things too awkward. You invite him to play again, and suggest that he pays this time since you paid last time. This way you are reminding him that you paid the whole bill, and you get to invite him out again. If he turns you down, I'm guessing that he just isn't game for paying, thus explaining his behavior the first time.
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