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Question: Sexting

Dear Lounge Advice,

My husband and I are new (three months) to the lifestyle and it has been for the most part exciting and has made us even closer and our sex life when alone...even more amazing! We have only played with a few couples and have realized that the best experience for both of us is the threesome...and I am a straight (bi comfortable I guess now) female as well. We both found that the closeness with another woman together...sharing her so to speak is amazing.
Here is the problem as of recent... NOW the Mrs of the other half is straight as well and REALLY enjoys my hubby (which is great)...however the two of them are now texting daily and it is really bothering me. Our initial rule in the beginning was NO texing opposite sex cuz that is just trouble waiting to happen but now all the sudden I guess I am the "jealous" one because of some innocent flirty DAILY texting.
How do I get it across to him that it is not me being jealous...it is a feeling of seperateness with him that he is having this little flirty thing without me AND enjoying it very much...the attention.
This is not what we got into this for...seperate sexting to make it more exciting...not at all, and now I am actually sorta angry because it is turning me off to the entire lifestyle AND I really like it..WITH HIM.
HELP!!! Dont want to appear to be the jealous wife but HEY...I am down with us having only threesomes and Im straight! Selfish he is I feel!



Dear (Anonymous),

If you two made a "no separate sexting" rule, you both need to abide by it. He's getting turned on by the fantasy and anticipation. You're feeling left out. Please talk, you two, honestly; and re-establish the trust and your bond before going any further with things.
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