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Question: Vulture Bitch

Dear Lounge Advice,

I am a Single Female in the Lifestyle and I absolutely love it! I am not the type to get jealous, but there is one particular girl that just seems to get to me.
She is also a single female, not on LL, but we have the same mutual friends and we have played together many times. I have shared many guys with her in 3somes.
Recently, I have decided to stop sharing with her.
There was one particular guy that I was regularly playing with. He was totally against ever having group sex or going to any parties.. and we weren't actually dating because he always made it clear he wanted monogamy. Well, I actually convinced him to go to one of these parties next door to my place.
These parties generally have this other SF as the main girl that pretty much anyone can go and put their cock inside of. Surprisingly enough, he decided to partake.
After that party, he stopped seeing me and started dating her. She told him to stop seeing me all together.. meanwhile, she is still the main event at these parties, and if she see's me interested in a guy, it seems as if she swoops in and takes their interest away from me.
I feel she is being so selfish, and although there has been many times I have shared a hot guy with her, she never shares with me. I'm at the point that I don't want any guy I like to even meet her.. therefore I don't want to go to these parties that I used to frequent and I won't bring a guy in fear that she will do the same thing.
Not sure what advice you can give, I was mostly venting I guess. Jealousy has over come me and that is so not my style.



Dear (Anonymous),

It's not jealousy. It's a matter of being shit upon by this woman.

VERY uncool of her.

Do NOT bring any guy around her. If you happen to be in a situation like this in spite of trying to avoid her, tell her to get lost.

I'm not an advocate of being bitchy, but it's warranted this time. At this point, if this was me in the situation, I'd have some serious words with her and stand my ground to let her know that I am NOT to be fucked with- and I would certainly state all of the points you told me as evidence of her treachery and reason for your action.

Oh, and as for that guy who left you for her, you got lucky. Good riddance to the horny ADD idiot.

Bottom line, she's in it for herself, so you need to do the same thing.
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