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Question: Hot wife playing matchmaker for her boytoy

Dear Lounge Advice,

A few months ago, I began a relationship with a boy toy. He is in a long-distance relationship which probably is over as neither make an effort to see each other.

Probably because of my maternal instincts (he is young enough to be my son) and I don't want him to expect me to be his girlfriend, I want him to have a healthy emotional relationship. And, distance prevents us from being together more than a couple of times a month, a virile young man needs more than our binge sexcapades. Finally, for my health reasons, I want him to be somewhat non-promiscous.

My question: Is it normal for a hot wife to be matchmaker? Is there a good way for me to encourage him to look for someone who swings?



Dear (Anonymous),

I think your point of view is very realistic and healthy. You have great reasons and you are looking out for his well-being. This is wonderful. So whether it's normal or not, encourage him to step out and look for someone who swings. Is he on this website? If not, get him on here and show him the ropes.
Tell him exactly what your reasons are for doing this. You may have to play 'mommy' in a sense when you're doing this. Guide him and help him understand why you're doing it.
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