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Question: Did my wife and the man know that the condom came off?

Dear Lounge Advice,

Swung with a a fairly new swinger cpl tonight. We have played with them several times before. While we were all having sex, about an hour into the session, while my wife was on top of the guy riding him, I noticed that there was no condom on the guys dick. I immediately stopped and ask my wife where is his condom? They immediately stopped and said they didn't realize that the condom had been off. This is apparently the second go around since the guy had came already but didnt take the condom off. My wife found the condom inside her pussy. When I found this out, I immediately confronted the both of them and asked them how this could be. This is our number one rule, condoms at all times, no matter what. The guy's response was, he didnt know and it was an honest mistake. I replied to him that he is full of shit and you know when the condom is on or not! The way I realized that there was no condom was when my wife was riding him, he pulled his dick out and put it back in. He knew that the condom was not on his dick and put it right in. I believe that my wife should have know of felt this condom as well. Very upset, I threw the cpl out of my house amd yelled at my wife! I wanted to find out if you think if I am overacting and how would you deal with this situation. Honestly, I am grossed out that another mans condom got stuck in my wife's pussy with cum inside. I am also disguested with the fact that another man was fucking my wife without a condom. Please advise! Thanks!



Dear (Anonymous),

Was there any alcohol involved in these sessions? I have heard of many situations like this after drinking where the two people involved were reckless in keeping track of protection. If this is the case, less alcohol consumption is recommended.
If not, you may have some right to be upset with your wife. It is, after all, your rule as a couple. Therefore, she is responsible for ensuring that the rule is adhered to. However, let's look at this from another perspective:
As far as the man, every guy has different sensitivity, so he truly may not have realized that it came off. In the heat of the moment, with a new woman, any red-blooded guy is focused on the wonderful experience with her, and not necessarily whether the condom is still on. When you saw him pull his penis out of her and put it back in, did you happen to notice if he actually looked at his penis? He may not have looked and assumed it was still on. This could be a guy who isn't accustomed to wearing condoms and when it came off inside of her, he may not have noticed that.
In any case, there are too many variables here to indict anyone completely.
I myself have been in this situation, and didn't notice when the condom came off. Nor did he- and the guy wasn't as sensitive as most men, so he truly couldn't tell the difference in sensation when the condom went AWOL. It was an honest mistake on both of our parts. I was so engrossed in the moment that my senses were just too overwhelmed to realize what had happened. I am assuming it was the same for the man I was with.
In any case, your wife should be more cognizant of making sure the condom is on at all times- a periodic "spot check", if you will.
I can't side with either party on this one because of the unknown variables.
Just stress being more careful going forth in the future to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

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