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Question: More and more unappealing looking people at parties

Dear Lounge Advice,

We're a middle aged attractive & fit couple, soft swappers, and have been to parties for about 10 years. We feel bad for saying this, but it's the truth: there 're are fewer attractive people showing up at all places and parties. Culture in general is more obese, but there are so many obese people now visiting lifestyle parties wearing unappealing clothing, etc., that we question why we bother going any more. Any advice?



Dear (Anonymous),

Well, you can't control the clientele at the parties, obviously, so how about controlling the parties in order to hone in on the people you desire?
Start your own following and throw your own parties. Comb through the site and handpick who you want. If you find attractive people at the venues you attend, get their contact info and keep that for invites to your parties.
That's the only true way you'll be able to control 'the look' of a party- by taking charge.
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