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Question: Advice for single males.

Dear Lounge Advice,

Problem---I am a newly single white male that touched on the lifestyle with my ex-girlfriend. Now I am single and interested in continuing and exploring and hopefully finding a significant other that is also interested. However, single males are rarely of interest and if a couple is interested, they are (I am guessing) totally inundated with less than desireable inquirors. Any thoughts on (1) finding couples looking for a straight male (2) finding single females into the lifestyle?





Dear (Anonymous),

You sound very much like respectful single male who is honestly interested in revisiting something that you got a taste of... and also interested in doing the right thing and not bother couples who are not into single males... which is a breath of fresh air.

You would be the type of single male who will do well in the Lifestyle...

The only advice we can give you is that you need to have patience... As you mentioned it boils down to supply and demand... and the supply of single men WAY outweighs the demand.

You are doing the right thing by joining the Lounge here... post an honest and genuine profile with pictures (and NOT ones of you simply holding your penis) and respect the individual preferences of the couples.

As far as finding a single woman interested in the Lifestyle.. we have no idea and actually it is our opinions that it is best to develop the trust and honesty needed to succeed in the Lifestyle with a woman BEFORE you even think of introducing them to this....

Using the Lifestyle as a test to see if you would be interested in a single woman will keep you single for a long long time. If you ask 90% of the women in the Lifestyle if they would have considered it 5-10 years ago.. most will tell you they would have thought you were nuts back then.
Good luck in your quest...
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