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Question: Priorities

Dear Lounge Advice,
We hosted a 3 couple party at my bf's house and every supersexy got along, partied and we then played for well over an hour. Couple #1 needed to leave sooner (babysitter time up) and I, the hostess, continued to play with our other guests(couple #2). I was not requested to join bf in seeing them out. After 15 minutes, wondered where bf had gone and could hear him still chatting with departing couple. I returned to play hostess yet, after all had left, was berated for "not bring bothered" to tend to departing guests. We had not discussed this possible scenario previously and always play together (no hall passes).

Also, our relationship has been bumpy lately and I hoped we would dedicate the weekend to ourselves, while he scheduled play every nite, then complained that I wasnt acting intimate(after the accusation) or making him happy- tho I play like a champ!

Whew! I did it to make him happy and am feeling like a personal circus freakshow.

What to do?



Dear (Anonymous),

The only thing I saw in your letter was 'relationship getting bumpy'.. Why are either of you playing if your relationship is questionable? Keep it up, and your status will go from questionable to unstable, to unworkable.
Get your priorities in order, for goodness sake.
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