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Question: Turnover rate- turning 3-somes into permanent relationships

Dear Lounge Advice,
My Girl and I only like women and in our ideal situation we would have 2 girlfriends while we date a little bit. We own a profitable company, are fit, young, attractive, well versed in pickup, and We have probably shared about 20 girls in the last year primarily met at bars clubs and raves. When we have been single people we date typically want to move into a relationship quickly. THE CHALLENGE WE ARE HAVING is that for some reason the girls we have met have not really moved toward having a relationship with us. This is unusual for both of us, and I'm wondering if you have feedback of how to help us look internally at what our challenges might be in this field.
On the other hand, if it is not an internal issue, we thought maybe the girls we have seen might have reservations they haven't admitted to themselves about people knowing they are bisexual. In our search we have started creating profiles here and several other sites, hoping we would find girls that know what they want, but our emails to girls on these sites are not driving the amount of responses we are looking for. If it is an external thing where might we look to find the kind of girls we want?

Amassing a Harem



Dear (Anonymous),

There are a great deal of factors to take into consideration here. What types of girls are you picking up? If they are younger (20-something's), these girls are typically either having some wild fun, experimenting, or looking for a typical relationship. At that age, most women aren't looking to join such an unusual situation as their staple relationship. They usually want a man for themselves, and not a man who is already spoken for, so to speak. If they do desire a three way relationship, they'd probably prefer to be the primary, and not the 'third wheel'.
In my late teens, I entered into this type of situation as a live-in girlfriend to a couple. But like most young women, I ultimately desired a man of my own with whom I could cultivate a relationship. To me, being the third was never satisfying because he wasn't truly mine.
So it's not necessarily about accepting one's bisexuality, but a want for the traditional fairy tale- meet a great guy, fall in love, and anything past that is just accessory. They just don't usually want to BE the accessory, no matter how well they accentuate your primary relationship.
P.S.- you're going to be the envy of many members here with your success rate with single women. If you ever want to share your pickup technique, I'd be glad to publish your stories.
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