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Question: How do we tell a couple that we dont wish to play anymore?

Dear Lounge Advice,
Here's the situation- we have played a couple of times with a couple in which the female is great in every way- she and I are actually good friends now- but the idea of playing with HIM again... sigh. At first I thought he'd grow on me- he's not a BAD guy. It's not just that he's overbearing- that could be addressed since it's a behavior. But simply put- I have no chemistry with him- personally or sexually.

She and I are close enough that I know she would ask "why?" if I just told her we no longer wanted to play. So how would YOU want to be told the truth if faced with this situation? We're attending some common functions in the near future and I know they assume we'll get together on some level.

I know honesty is important, but I don't want to hurt his feelings or offend her... HELP!



Dear (Anonymous),

These are never easy situations to deal with especially when you want to be as gentle as possible.

Since we would guess that they would only be interested in playing as a couple.. you have no choice but to not play with them at all.

In these cases we suggest stretching the reality alittle bit... what you can say to her is that since you guys have become such good friends... you have had experiences where after playing with a couple many times.. it sometimes affects the friendship.. and your friendship with them means more to you than anything else.

If you bring up the whole chemistry thing... you stand a chance of turning them off to the point where they take offense and the friendship is gone.

That has worked with us in the past. Actually we really dont like it when anyone "assumes" we are going to play with them at any time... but we are different than many as we do not repeat with many people (fear of getting too close) and since we tell that up front... most people understand... and then we get to choose who we play with or not.

If you dont feel comfortable with that suggestion.... email us directly and we will give you some others.
Good Luck !!
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