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Question: Small. Soft, and free to run off. Sadly,, it wasn’t a kitten

Dear Lounge Advice,
I recently came across a hot guy whose profile listed him as a sensual man with a desire to have multiple positions and for he and his partner to cum many times.
We met and shared chemistry, so we went to his hotel room. He was a decent kisser, so things progressed to the bedroom. Clothes came off.
Turns out he had a small soft penis.
He seemed really into the moment, so I thought the soft penis was a bit odd. He wanted me to perform oral on him. I sensed a bit of selfishness in him, so I told him that ladies go first. He performed oral on me that lasted a few minutes, but left a lot to be desired. I performed oral on him and he remained soft, but nonetheless he came in about 60 seconds. As soon as he came, everything was over. It was obvious that playtime was over. As you can imagine, I was quite disappointed. Also, things felt a bit awkward. I decided to get out of there, so I got dressed and left...I felt pretty bad as I left with no sexual satisfaction, and it seemed that the guy was not what he advertised.

So, here is my question: When you sense that a situation is not going to end the way you want it to, how do you get out of it? I know that we all have the power to leave, but do you bother saying something? Is there a way I could have better screened so that I don’t have to get into a situation with a guy like that? Also, and most importantly, I was not obvious about my disappointment with his performance, nor did I say anything to him about it for fear of making the guy feel bad, (and that is likely why I did not leave once I realized he was so small and soft) but in the end, I felt like shit and left feeling a bit used.


Sold a bill of goods and I don’t want to be tricked again



Dear (Anonymous),

Unfortunately, there is no sure fire way of knowing that this will happen ahead of times, hence the uselessness of ’screening’.
You ARE, however, well within your right to speak up about your disappointment afterwards to him.
For single men, they must rely heavily on the reputation they build in this lifestyle in order to succeed. Perhaps next time, you’ll benefit from reminding a lacking male of that tidbit.
People talk, and if a single male is abusing his privileges, he needs to be made aware that it WILL be made known in our circles.
If you stroll communicate with is guy, I’d tell him exactly how you feel, and remind him that his performance and treatment of people is a reputation that will follow him. We are a small community, and we DO talk.
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