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Dear Lounge Advice,
What is the proper etiquette when it comes pets and hosting? i.e. if you have a pet, should you keep it out of the room where play takes place?

I recently met a guy who thought it was odd that I did not prefer to play on the bed where his dog was hanging out. I asked him to take the dog out of the room and close the door and the guy got offended.

Personally, I think that having a pet in the room is weird.

meeting weird guys lately



Dear (Anonymous),

Youíre preference takes precedence.
I house six iguanas that get free roam when Iím around. However, allowing them to be voyeurs is NOT acceptable, hygienic, or conducive to an open sexual environment.
The pets need to stay out of the picture- literally.
Afterall. Dogs are the worst offenders when It comes to sexual íscentsí. They gravitate towards feminine juices ( címon, you know itís true). They will waste no time sniffing asses or helping themselves to a crotch lick if everyone is distracted.

Unless its a goldfish, no pets need apply. Ick.
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