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Question: I want to move forward but dont with to hurt my close friend who may have expectations.

Dear Lounge Advice,
My best friends, in the lifestyle for a couple of years now, have taken me to a few functions and clubs a few times this past year. We all agreed that to respect our friendship and the love we have for one another, nothing physical would ever happen between us.
Trouble is, being single sometimes makes my treasured friend act differently toward me. I almost feel as if she's angry, but we've never had an argument, have never even raised our voices at each other.
I want to explore the sensual side of myself with the safety of my friends, but of course not "with" them, just with them around, close-by, but I don't want my burgoning (sp) sexuality to scare my friend off. Do you think it's time I cut the apron strings and distance that side of me from them for a while? I haven't really "done" anything yet.



Dear (Anonymous),

We think that if you are as good friends as you suggest here that you just be honest with her and tell her how you feel... what you want....and what you fear.

We think you should first address the issue that you describe as, "being single makes my friend act differently"

You need to address whether she has expectations of a physical relationship. Sometimes even best friends have difficulties when it comes to talking about sexuality issues.

If they are in the lifestyle it would seem odd that discussing your sexual desires would scare your friend off... we are sure they are wondering a great deal about what you are thinking and desiring as well.

You will find that most friends in the lifestyle are very understanding and respectful about individual desires and fantasies.
Let us know how it turns out!
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