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Question: Free riding wifey!!

Dear Lounge Advice,
Please explain how my wife feels so entitled to her lifestyle? She has never worked and i make a seven figure annual income. When i ask her to arrange vacations or trips....all for leisure....she cannot be bothered. Itís almost like she expects to have everything be at her option or discretion......she does not work.

.I almost dumbfounded as I have had numerous woman approach me to suggest I am being taken advantage of....and that they would volunteer to be her replacement ...hah..hah.

She grew up in modest means and we have three teenage sons. All of her activities are leisurely and volunteer activities ....no elderly parents to care for etc.

I think I did this to myself .....I allowed her to think this was ok...
Any advice for me.



Dear (Anonymous),

Add one more candidate for replacement, LOL
Well, one of my very dear friends recently just ended a marriage with a woman exactly like this.
Yes, your friends are right. You are OBVIOUSLY being taken advantage of. Thatís a no-brained.
Youíve created a monster though by enabling her. You keep giving and giving freely and she has been conditions to expect it.
Hello, Mr. Self Made Doormat :)

Perhaps you are looooooong overdue for setting an ultimatum and sticking to it.

You have been getting a free ride for too long, without even offering to pick up a hand to help out. This is NOT fair, and no longer acceptable. A marriage comprises the efforts of TWO. So far, it has just been ONE.
This (insert action and expected result of your choice) will occur, or else I feel that I have the right to (insert action you will take) .

You may have enabled her and allowed her to think that it was okay, but you need to make it clear that it is NO LONGER OK.
There are many other women out there that are appreciative and hard-working.
This isnít time to cater/bend/buckle or allow her excuses to fly.
Time for tough love hon. Nobody is entitled to a free ride in this life.

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