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Question: How to tackle suspected posers.

Dear Lounge Advice,

What do you do if you interact with someone online but feel like maybe they are not who they say they are ie male posing as female?



Dear (Anonymous),

Ask them to talk on the phone. If they refuse, tell the, you are no longer willing to interact further due to doubts about their authenticity.
Usually the fakes get all huffy and offended, and pull the ’how dare you’ card, or else they will claim that they are ’not ready’ to take that step.
In that case, tell them that you’ll still be around when thy are ready, but currently don’t feel comfortable continuing communication without validation of their gender.
Hell, I’ve gone so far in the past as to request a simple picture of them holding a sign with their name or username. The real ones have done it without pause. The fake ones usually say, ’only if you do it first’.

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