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Question: Single female needs more attention!

Dear Lounge Advice,
Iím a woman whoís hit 50 and I never thought about it before but I feel like suddenly my age matters. I think I look about the same and Iím no longer getting the attention I used to and itís starting to freak me out. Iím wondering what I can do to figure it out. I feel like I am getting dissed even tho I am still seeking partners my same age. Any suggestions?



Dear (Anonymous),

There are so many factors to take into consideration here that I canít begin to know from my side.
For example, I have a single female friend who is MY age, but got so drunk at every meeting, started fights, etc, that she was having this very problem you describe after a while.
I canít assume to know what exactly it is, or even if its just simply your perception being the main issue.
You can always ask someone you trust that can be honest with you. I donít know you, so I donít feel qualified to give you a definitive reason why this is occurring.
Hell, Iím a single and I donít get much attention here either, lol. If that make ya feel any better ;)
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