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Question: She is getting all the fun while Iím left out

Dear Lounge Advice,
We have a couple we played with a few times and everything was great! One day his wife was out of town and I was working so he took my wife out alone. Soon it was a regular thing. I asked for it to slow down and I brought up the idea she is getting too involved. One hint this was more serious was my wife didnít care for being ejaculated in. She lets him finishes inside of her every time with no hesitation from her, he does asks first. Ivíe spent the last 15 years pulling out. Donít ask me how I figured he was loading her up, but it is salty! I guess she didnít want to tell me it was happening. It was always "I couldnít finish oh well" (Then why did you loose your erection?) She says he enjoys that part...aahh so do I....one time right after I reluctantly accepted this extra lube in her I started to finish in her and she tried to push me off of her! She said he cums a whole lot and she didnít want to drain like a tub with both of us, OK I was pissed! His wife sees what I see but canít be the one to stop it either I thought and I canít stop it without being punished. I asked her not to go anymore and I found myself without sex for 101 straight days! And yes I counted...From then on it has been a three not a four thing. His wife will not let them go out unless sheís with them and joins in. And yes I thought this was the final straw! Competition from a slightly jealous wife watching and getting more jealous! I was going to win after all! I know my wife is into guys and has never mention girls. One night I was lucky enough to join in and I was floored when I seen my wife french kissing, sucking her titties, fingering and leg locking his wife! His wife loves GIRLS! YES, I loose again....... Yes, I know this was not for me it was all for him. And now my wife does not want to do full swaps anymore, She doesnít want anybody watching her.... She ask is it ok if she could go with a guy by herself? This is her way of saying do you want the red pill or the blue pill? You have to take one. And yes my wife has been holding out till after there together then I can get some. Im getting tired of all this and have a choice. Stop it and be sex free for life. I love sex with my wife but I canít stand If I want it she conditions it on me being really sloppy seconds. Donít get me wrong I love my wife and she is awesome! Just a spoiled rotten shit!!! Just caught up in something I should of stayed away from. Do I try to even the consequence by going out with some hot girl who can take up all my time? Oh, And I will need that hot girl,



Dear (Anonymous),

You may not want to hear this, but you guys donít need to be in this lifestyle. These are the very situations that make relationships crumble. There is too much selfishness going on here to continue doing ANYTHING further outside your marriage. If it continues on like this, your relationship will crumble. Itís not getting any better, now is it?
Perhaps there are some foundational íflawsí in your marriage that are being exacerbated due to this unnecessary activity.
Sorry to make a pun here, but you BOTH need to pull out, quickly.
Thatís the only sane immediate solution.
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