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Question: Starting out

Dear Lounge Advice,
my friend and I are wanting to explore each others fantasies together including 3 way girl and guy and some couples. we are both very open to ideas, but are having a hard time connecting with people, despite the attempt at emails and chatting. Do you know of any swinger clubs around the New Hampshire/Maine area? I know I need to add some pics, but I honestly am so new to this that I just donít know how to ask some one if they want to come play. I know someone wants to because they were kind enough to anonymously purchase me a year subscription w/no photos up yet! talk about generous, we prefer talking and seeing people first...you know get to know them...but no responses and I canít find any swinger clubs. help!
swinging cherry



Dear (Anonymous),

If you havenít already, you will need to explain this in your profile because you are listed as a single female and you will get a LOT of people contacting you thinking that you are just a single female.
Technically, you are considered a couple if you are doing this WITH a friend. That being said, you need photos. Many people wonít give you the time of day, much less agree to meet, without photos.
As for approaching people, just treat it like dating. How would you approach someone you are interested in? Just send a friendly hello, see if theyíre interested, then get to know each other, then make plans to meet.
Essentially, this site is another version of a dating site. Treat your interactions as such.
You may want to consult the forums about clubs in your area. I donít see any listed under our club link, so try that.
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