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Question: Convincing the BF to take Viagra

Dear Lounge Advice,

We have been in a few situations where Viagra would have been helpful... my boyfriend is not sure about going to a doctor to ask for it.

Do you have any advice or help?




Dear (Anonymous),

This is a common ailment often accompanied with pressure to perform or a lack of comfort with a new partner. It is often referred to as stage fright or performance anxiety. This problem is rather normal as far as swinging issues are concerned. Many men in the lifestyle experience this at one point, so donít feel defeated. Chances are, if you normally donít experience this with your regular partner, you do not have anything wrong with you physically.

This is a psychological issue of feeling pressure to perform. The problem can worsen with someone brand new. We all have a certain comfort level with our regular partners, thus alleviating the feeling of having to perform like a champ.

Feeling intimidated by a new sex partnerís prowess, fear of not meeting her expectations, and performing with other eyes on you can be far from comfortable. Sometimes failure to perform can also stem from worrying about your partner- her comfort level, whether she is okay with what youíre doing- or feeling a moral dilemma with swinging in general can cause problems.

It doesnít matter how stellar you are with your regular partner(s). Itís easy to let your mind mess with your body.

The simple solution is to talk with your partner and make sure that
youíre both on the same page so that nobody is uncomfortable with what may happen in bed with others. Peace of mind goes a long way. Next, get your hands on some Viagra or Cialis. They work
wonders! These wonder pills can often override the mindís overbearing tendencies, allowing you to enjoy yourself. Ladies, if you are having this issue with men, it is perfectly okay to procure some little helpers and offer them to your sex partners.

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