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Question: Photos

Dear Lounge Advice,how o you pload pictures? iPad photos ok?



Dear (Anonymous),

You go to "My Account" and then click under "Manage my photos and videos" and click on the page you want the pictures uploaded to ie...real seal, private or open. The photos are then submitted and you have to wait for LL administration to approve the pictures, which usually takes less than 24 hours.

To upload images from a tablet..

To send/upload Images to your LL profile using your outside Email account, you simply attach a photo to your outside email address, and send it to our server.

Your image upload must be in JPG format, and the email must not contain any other JPG images, such as a signature image. You may only upload one JPG per email.

The Email address you send from has to be the address you have registered in our database for your LL account. This is to prevent SPAM from appearing in your shared photo album. (If you must change your email address that is registered to your account, please read our help section for further instructions or click here)

You have to send to yourmembername@llupload.com.

If you include a subject line in your email, the subject text will default as your photo caption. Leaving your subject blank with default to a photo caption "Mobile Upload"

Once the email is sent, within a minute you will receive a confirmation email indicating upload success or failure.

You may then enter your photo albums from your mobile device. The photo album management tools have also now been added to our mobile site as well (m.lifestylelounge.com). From there you can copy your photo to any of your other photo albums for view by the membership.

You may also share your photos with other members if desired. (Please read our help section for more information on photo sharing)

Please remember, all photo uploads that are moved to the silver, gold or private photo sections must still go through our administrative review process. Please allow a little time for your photos to be reviewed before they are made visible to the membership.

Good luck and stay sexy
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