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Question: Unicorns Rising

"Dear Lounge Advice,
I am a single woman who is interested the"Lifestyle". I have had one experience with a couple, whig has ignited a fire within me.
I am confused from a single woman’s stand point to where I even begin to proceed? The lifestyle seems much more directed towards couples versus single woman?
I would appreciate some guidance as well as direction with rules concerning my place within this lifestyle.
Thank you,



Dear (Anonymous),

Oh girl...Single women...often referred to as "Unicorns" really are rare...and considered some of the most precious gems in the Lifestyle. Single women are highly sought after. Rules typically are based on an individual basis...ie..follow the direction of the couple. Some couples want you to be with them as a threesome, some prefer that you see each partner individually, some couples want to have single women all the time and others choose to engage with the single females only on occasion. Many single females prefer to find a handful of their "favorites" and stick close to home where others prefer to play with a different couple every weekend. In other words, in most circumstances single females can write their own ticket. Best advice I can give you is to be respectful of the couple’s rules and make sure solid boundaries are in place...BTW you too can have boundaries with the different couples that you play with...ie..maybe you are okay with having anal sex with one guy, but not another or your comfortable kissing one partner, but not another. If everyone sticks to the rules that are laid out in the beginning, the single female can be quite an ASSet to just about any couple. Good luck and stay sexy!
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