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Question: Iím Sexy and I Know It!

Dear Lounge Advice,

This is a little embarrassing to admit - thus the anonymity. I have been approached by couples on the site, but when I see their photos and they are ultra hot, in shape, and she has big, beautiful fake breasts, I canít imagine they will possibly consider me an equal in bed, considering my breasts are small and starting to look saggy. The same thing happens to me with my height - I am 5í petite so when I am contacted by a couple who are both 6í or so, I feel intimidated, like I will be looked at as inferior or child-like. I want to shake this all because I am normally a very confident person when I am one-on-one with someone. I just have not had the experience of being in bed with multiple people where I feel they are more attractive than me.

Is there some way to communicate my feelings in a way that will not hurt me, or do I need to just swallow it and pretend I donít feel this way?? Fake it til I make it?? I feel mortified thinking about it.




Dear (Anonymous),

Hello there...there is no need to "fake it til you make it." the first thing you must remember about being in the LS (or in the vanilla world for that matter) EVERYONE is UNIQUE and has gifts to offer to others. AND if the couples are approaching you on the site that tells me that there is at least an initial attraction. I would certainly hope that men and women are interested in finding someone that is different than their partner... My significant other always states "I already have my perfect little red sports car...I just want to take the others or a test drive..."

Donít fret of you donít have the "perfect" body...again, there are very people that have "perfect bodies" and even fewer that donít have some concern about being "less attractive."

If you THINK that you are less attractive that is the message that you send out to everyone and oftentimes the message is loud and clear. Believe in yourself and promote all the "gifts" that you have, and others will start to notice your "gifts" as well. The power of positive thinking (or the Law of Attraction) is a very powerful tool...ie If you think they wonít like you...they wonít...if you think they will like you...they will. Never feel mortified for feelings that you have...Feelings are gateways to our souls ;) Good Luck and Stay Sexy
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