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Question: Viagra...Online vs. Doctors Appts

Dear Lounge Advice,
Made dr appt to get Viagra, thinking online option might be quicker, cheaper?



Dear (Anonymous),

Hello there...It is entirely possible that it would be quicker and cheaper online. However, having said that, it is also entirely possible that you do not get the "real deal." I hsve known many people that have gone the online route, only to find out that they received "placebos" (fake pills made to look like Viagra or Cialis). I guess the marketing concept behind online pharmaceuticals is "if they believe they are getting Viagra, Cialis, etc." then they should be able to maintain an erection because they "think" they are taking it. This might work if you are taking the drugs for enhancements. However, if you are someone with genuine erectile dysfunction I am fairly certain this would not work. So, good for you for making a doctor’s appt...always the best way to go in my book. Good Luck and Stay Sexy ;)
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