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Question: "exposed"

Dear Lounge Advice,

I have a health question. I recently had my annual gyno appointment and also had a physical since I now have good health insurance.
They told me (and I have never been told before) that I have been exposed to Herpes I and 2.
I am very new to this site - havenít even met anyone in person.
I am a female in my early 40ís and I dated someone in my early 20ís who had Herpes (he had everything under control) - but I never have shown any signs - no cold sores, canker sores, and nothing odd below the belt. The nurse again said - "exposed".
When I was in my late 20ís, knew that I as positive for HPV.
So, is this no big deal as long as I always use condoms? Or, being a good, sensitive and health conscious person, tell each person before I get intimate?
HealthConscious/Anonymous (made up name)



Dear (Anonymous),

Hi there

Being "exposed" does not mean you have contracted the virus (if that was the case just about everyone on the planet would have to fess up). Most people have been exposed and carry a latent form of the herpes virus in their bodies. The + HPV means you have antibodies to one of the viruses in your blood, but that the virus has been subdued in your system. The word "exposed" can be misleading. There are more than 100 types of herpes viruses. The one you are most concerned with are HPV I and HPV 2, which is of the oral and genital nature. If you have tested positive for the HPV virus that is the equivalent of "being exposed" and your best bet would be to get tested again in three months and then three months after that. Because viruses can lay dormant in your system for long periods of time.

However, having said that, I would always recommend using a condom until you are only engaging in sexual activities with one person. Living in the Lifestyle is fun...only as long as everyone plays safe, and when you always use condoms its a safe bet that the possibility of contracting any type of STD is slim to none.

Telling all the partners you play with is your decision, however, honesty is always the best policy and most people appreciate being able to make informed decisions. Good Luck and Stay Sexy
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